Monday, November 21, 2005

who is the most irresistable Blogger(ette)

Okay we all know abo Dawn Yang (Yao) and now I hear a lot about Xiaxue

But who is the most snoggable blogger in all of bloggdom?

Sure I love the lk of a nice singapora as much as the next red neck, but ther ehas to be a hot , hot , hot American European woman out there, somewhere just waiting to be found..

So who is the hottest most snoggale blogger?
Post their blog address here in the coments, and who knows with luck we may just find our next Xiaxue or Dawn Yang.

I vote for myself.. as I find myself to be an easy lay, with a wild imagination.. plus ther ejust comes somthing sexy in familiarity.. don;t you think??

Okay no more self snogging!



the12"long&3"thick.markerpen said...

some link brought me here. and what's going on? so is there really voting going on?

Anonymous said...

YES VOTE NOW!!! VOTE AGAIN>> It's Chicago int he twenties.. vote early and often.. or is that Ohio last presidental election??

Anonymous said...

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