Friday, April 21, 2006

The Adventures of Duke Lacrosse.. Private Eye. (Part one)

The Adventures of Duke Lacrosse.. Private Eye.

My Name is Duke Lacrosse, Private Eye.
I do my best work on Wednesday.
Wednesday is my girlfriend.
The other day Wednesday and I went to a party in Singapore to shoot some video and try to catch a glimpse or porn star accidente' Tammy Nyp.
We were all there, jumping for Joy, until Joy left..
But that was okay because everyone was still feeling Mary. Until Mary left.
The only thing left to do was grope a stripper, and well that just gets old after a while.. So
Wednesday and I went to leave,and put a tail on Mary and maybe a school girl outfit or something, when Wednesday noticed I had a flat tire.
She pumped and I jacked, then she jacked and I pumped..
Then we fixed the flat.

It was too late to chase Mary, so Wednesday and I went back to my place, we were sitting on the couch together, when a rock crashed through my window.
It hit Marry straight in the breast.
Broke two of my fingers.

There was a note attached to the rock, merry unwrapped it and read:
Help me, my name is Tammy and I have a boyfriend named Edgar. Edgar Hung, we are trying to run away to America to be in the movies together, but my parents wont let me go.

Please help us.
Signed Tammy NYP.

Interesting I thought, I thought Edgar's first name was Hung?
And Wednesday blew me.

Blew me away with her ability to read Chinese.
(To be continued)

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