Friday, April 21, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye.. Part Dux.

Wednesday looked up at me with her watery doe eyes, and said “Mff mre emm fffhu”
So I said, Wednesday didn’t your mother teach you not to talk with your mouth full?

So Wednesday pulled back and said “I didn’t know Edgar was Hung”

“It seems that he is, and in more than just reputation . “ I said. "But I didn't think there were any Asian men who were hung. Just goes to show you , you learn something new everyday."

So afterwards Wednesday cleaned off her new dress form the Clinton collection a stunning blue number, we went out on the town looking for Edgar Hung and Tammy NYP..
Was she soon to be Tammy Hung? Well in any event we knew who was Hung at the moment.

We searched and searched all through my pants, and her blouse and up Wednesdays Skirt too, but we couldn’t find Tammy and Edgar.

So after a while we pulled into a real dive, a greasy spoon dinner with extra grease on the menu.

We hadn’t been in there long when we noticed the singing Vikings..
“I hope that they don’t start that spam song again” Wednesday stated rather plainly..
But it was too late, the mere mention of Spam or this blog always set the Vikings to singing..

I was just about to leave, with Wednesday when in walked Tammy.

“There she is, I wonder how her pussy is doing?” I queried.

“I thought she was a dog owner” was Wednesdays response.

“Yes, yes, and her little dog too.. “ I said quickly covering my steps.

“Hello You must be Duke Lacrosse” Tammy said, her almond eyes watering from emotion, or over exertion.

“Where’s hung?” I said.

"Who’s Hung” she said.
"We all know who's Hung" I said.
“I heard your boyfriend was hung” Injected Wednesday.

“Now, now, girls lets not go getting jealous” I said. “We can’t all be Hung”
Wednesday glanced up at me with that knowing sneer, that I always wanted to slap off her face.

(So I did).

(to be continued)

Don’t miss a single episode of “Duke Lacrosse Private Eye!”

In the mean time see Sam Spade the charictor that Inspired Duke Lacross and every other private dick.

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