Wednesday, April 19, 2006

American Idol Notes: (from a reluctant viewer)

American Idol does Rod Stewart, from "The Great American Song Book" Volumes 1 through 4. (see below)

Last night was a night of pleasant suprises.
First off was Chris.. and Damn that man has a set of pipes! He tackled Wonderful World (A favotite song to me) orriginaly done by Louie Armstrong, and when I heard that was the tune he picked I thought, that this would be Chris's weakest performance.. it was not.. good job Chris.
The other strong performance was put in my Katherine LaFee (or whateverher last name is) I can;t tel you the song she did (bad sign) but I can tell you that it was great.

My guess at bottom three this week:
Elliot, Paris, Ace or maybe even Kelly Pickler.

Kelly's performance was lack luster, she looked likea stature durring the song, and lost all of her personality.. the song was too big for her little mind.. (Simon was right, when he said, You sang, Bewitched, Botherd and Bewildered, and we could have skip[ed the first two and just said Bewildered. Simon may be an ass, but he is an accurate one)

Elliot goes home.

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Anonymous said...

you suck! Elliot rules. Fuck you!