Monday, April 17, 2006

Tax Day! Hooray :(

Well kiddies, today is tax day.. ain't we all glad?
(Of course not!)
But like it or not here it is.. and for you last minute fillers, I give you this.
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I for one think our tax code is crap! I do not propose to be smart enough to figure out what it should be, but it seems logical and fair to have a flat tax, or a national sales tax in place of the volumes and volumes of tax code we have now.

I have a friend who is a tax preparer who may wish to differ with me.. but in any case, when the IRS (or Congress.. I forget which) asked for CPAs to do 1000 tax returns and 100% were found to be incorrect, we have a seriuos porblem.. and Congress.. if you can hear me... it is not a problem with the CPAs! It is your damn tax code.. why don't you just write it in Greek and get it over with.
Here are a couple of books, that talk about tax code, and fair or flat taxes.. check them out.

I firmly believe that this country needs tax reform, and needs it now.. if you believe the same thing, I suggest you call your congressman at (202)224-3121 if you are not sure who your Represenitive is tell teh operator where you reside and they will help you.
Also try your Senateor at (202)224-3121 each state has two, you can speak to the office of both of yours.

Finally you may also email your Seanetor by looking them up at this website. I have been told that a phone call has more weight than an email, but if a simple email is all you can do, so much the better for all of us.. just do somthing, if you believe that our tax code is unfair, or just too confusing for anybodies good.

Some benifits of fair and simple taxes.
1. higher compliance, more people will pay.
2. less need for the IRS.. yes, with a fair and simple tax, the IRS will be able to shrink in size.
3. less cheating.. if you gotta pay 13% of your income then that's what you pay.. no loopholes.. with less cheating, revenue should go up.
4. Fewer hours spent by people like me, trying to figure out what i need to pa and what I don't.. = a happier voter base.

I have heard arguments, that a fair or flaty tax will put CPA's and tax prepareer far and wide out of work.. and (like I said earlier) I have friends who are both.. I do not believe it will put any of them out of work, but it may cause them to change their area of experteese.. for example, I could use a person to help me recover some of the european taxes I have paid.. so perhpas tax prepares could now switch to VAT recovery agents.. or some such thing.. I know I do not have the skills to chase down the few hundred the EU owes me this year. Thre will always be a use fo rpeople who are good with numbers, because ther ewill always be people like me.. who are not.

With Bush and his Iraq (and soon to be Iran) war debt, we need to do everything we can to get tax collections up, and I believe that a fair tax is the best way.. we gotta pay for his play, why not make it easy on ourselves?
From my soap box, this is DeRex.

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