Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Damn it is still National Poetry Month ??

Damn it is still National Poetry Month. ??
Here is some tripe I wrote.. think of it as a “Beat” poem.. it goes down easier that way.

Head over Heels
Hand over fist
Foot in Mouth
Hand to mouth

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NixEclips said...

Ok, shit-head, here's another p.o.s.

Perfect Dream

The woman dressed in black,
Returned, again, today.
She stole herself a kiss.
Then wished herself away.

Then came her destruction.
I couldn't shut it out.
I tried to tape my eyes closed,
And lock away the doubt.

But night came, oh, so quickly.
And soon I wasn't real.
And now the worms of her decay,
Are the only things I feel.