Monday, April 17, 2006

Art Bell, tried to Marry Tammy NYP, but..

Yes Friends Art Bell Radio Personality and UFO / Paranormal nutter.. , tried to marry Tammy NYP.. but ended up with a 21 year old Filipina. (sp) After all to us round eyes, Asain women all look alike.. (naked)

Now he is reportedly moving to Manila and planning to broadcast via ISDN from there..
($10 says she screws him to death inside of 3 months.. old codger)

Art sadly lost his wife of 15 year in January.. and even though I think he is a complete lunatic, he deserves to be happy.. and if a 21 year old piece of ass makes him happy. then I am all for it!

I actually love all that kook shit.. pseudo-science is so much more entertaining than actual science.. you get to use yor imagination more than numbers.. and I was never very good with numbers.

and for all you player haters out there.. don't hate the player hate the game.. and get your own Filipina Bride!

I understand that Art Bell may even now offer pod casts.. but I cannot confirm this, at any rate get yout iPod form and save! Do it now.. before they damn things are obsolete....

Yes, you saw it.. a 60 Gb IpoD (video ipod.. that's a lot of porn.. oops, i mean Art Bell.. )

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