Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter.. another pegan holiday brought to you by the vatican.

Eostre.. or Ostara she is where we get Easter.

I prefer Pegan ritual anyway.. so lets all break out the wine and get furtile..

For one of my Friends, who shall remail nameless. Happy Easter! (There is no god)

But anyway, did the Easter Bunny bring you all you wished for?
I got to eat some candy that I stole from the grandkids.. so the bunny was good to me this year.. I am still on a chocolate buzz.. I could have used some more wine.. though..

How did you celebrate easter? At my house we drank margaritas and played poker.. (I lost) I guess that's what I get for being such a heathen?

Anyway, more on Poker.. you may have heard me talk abou I have been playing on the free tables there for a few weeks and it is kinda fun.. you better like cards to go play.. or you will find after a while that you are bored to tears.
But this weekend I played on the money tables.. yes, I sinned and dropped $100 wtf I thought it's only $100.. well I was much suprised to see how hard it was to win on the money tables.. at one point i fet sure that the other people on the table could see my damn cards.. I am still not sure that one could not see them.. if I had a good hand this player woudl fold, or have a better hand.. it is not often that a flush gets beat, and time and time again I found mself on the loosing end of a good hand.. or everyone woudl fold and I would rake in nothing.. it was very frustrating.. compound that with the fact that I play the other players faces adn reactions as much as I play my cards,a dn I was really out of my element. (I do not think I will bother waisting any more money at

So go forth and sin..
This is your PEgan, Heathen, Creatin, Anarchist, Agnostic, DeRex signing off..
and here we have your gratuitous sexual asian lady photo.

big rabbit photo courtesy of
asian girl photo stolen from..

More news on the potatoebabies, new, sure to be smash hit "Ode to Tammy (nyp)" coming soon!


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