Tuesday, April 18, 2006

a Youtube Video Mission! For Swifty.. and in other news..

Yo I am sending you on a mission.. go check out my bro Swifty's website and take a look at his sweet and charming video.. CLICK HERE!

Then go to youtube and find it.. (yo swifty help me out here, what should they search for?)
Then rate it as 5 stars..
Swifty could use the promotion, and it ain;t all that bad.. who knows maybe if you ask him nicely he will slpice together some stuff for you and yours adn make you world famous like he is doign for Justin?

(I got some porn footage I am hoping he will hack together.. but that's another subject)

In other news: Can anyone tell me why the Generals are askign for Rumsfield to resign? Other than he's an ass?
I read an article from one of the generals where he listed 6 reasons for RUmmy to resign , but for hte life of me none of then seemed very good reasons, adn a coupld of them seemed like stuff that old Rummy had nothing to do with.
Could this be politics as usual? I heard one Talk Show host Oxycodon Boy (I think it was) suggest that this is just a political end run to break up the administration, in case the Dems cannot win the mid term election and proceed with impeachment hearings. Sounds plausable..

Does anyone think that Bush could actualy be impeached? I woudl like to think he could be, because that seems to level the powers out a bit, but I am a believer that he has so much political clout at this point that he coudl kill adn eat children publicly and not get impeached.. that's just my opinion..

If you do not like him (and I am no fan) I think all we can do is vote our hearts in Novemeber, and settle down and in for a long fuggin next 2 years.
Then what will be put up for election?
I do not see any real alternatives coming down the road either.. Hillary?? She's a joke. Kary? That's a scary thought.. and just what we need another skull and bones in the oval office..
(I am half way to saying fuck it, and moving to Switzerland)

Yo Mal they got any room for a disgruntled American in Paris?
I liked what I saw if France last spring when I was over.
(The airport sucked, but the rest was okay in my book)
I will warn you, you have seen how I type english>? Well I speak even less French.

I have a friend in Belgium that says he would take me in in a hearbeat.. so even if hte french would not tolerate a cheezeburger eating idiot like me, I would still be just across the border.. adn I like Belgiun food nearly as much as I do French!

While I am on that subject.. if you are planning a trip to Antwerp anytime at all in the near or far future, be sure to stop by Applemans (The Absinth Bar). AMAZING food, and drink!

So stop by view swifty's latest creation, go to youtube rate it high-high, and then fly into Antwerp and have a drink on me.. the owner is an amazing fellow who will take very good care of you..

all I can say , is it is a good thing I am this close to the canadian border..

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Edmund Yeo said...

Actually, they don't have to search it. Once they click the video on my blog, they'll be brought to the Youtube page.