Thursday, April 20, 2006

a poem from Nix and American Idol Notes.

first from Nix
NixEclips said...
Ok, shit-head, here's another p.o.s.

Perfect Dream
The woman dressed in black,
Returned, again, today.
She stole herself a kiss.
Then wished herself away.

Then came her destruction.
I couldn't shut it out.
I tried to tape my eyes closed,
And lock away the doubt.
But night came, oh, so quickly.
And soon I wasn't real.
And now the worms of her decay,
Are the only things I feel.

6:27 PM

Real cheerful Nix.. JESUS!

Then American Idol..
I quit.. I just fucking quit!
American you SUCK!
Sure the show sucks too, but goddamnit! Chris in the bottom three.. what are you fuckin nuts?!?!?
I am not a hardcore rock fan and that is where chris will make his bucks, but come-the-fuck-on he's the only one up there with professional quality talent!
If that vote wasn't fixed, America you suck!

Ace goes home.. well at least there is hope for America.. lets face facts, he was a pretty face in an empty shirt.. he had an intresting voice in false, but was medeocre in almost every other way vocaly.

The bottom three was a complete cluster fuck.. Elliot should have gone home, and chris should have been near or at the top.. then next week a tennor will coach them.. Chris my friend I think you're fucked.

In the end at this rate we will end up with Katherene McFee and Elliot as out final two and American Idol will have found the cure for insomnia that does not respond to heavy drugs.
Montvani move over, there is a new reason to sleep in town.

On that note, I am going to bed.. I have a cold, and feel like shit..
America you voted and you SUCK!
How about we dig up Lawrence Welk to perform on Season 6?

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