Monday, April 24, 2006

Bloggers! Bush Haters! iPod Users.. this year give the gift that counts!

Bloggers! Bush Haters! iPod Users.. this year give the gift that counts!

What may that be you ask?
This year give the gift of google!

Of course you will need a website, a blog, or to post on to other peoples blogs alot for this to happen.. but put in a little effort and show the one you care how you realy feel about them

Let me tell you how this works...
Make a post on your blog, or on a website, or someone else's blog using the following easy to learn html code
(write it down)

It is important that you have all of the code included above.. so lets say for example I wanted to call Nix a "big fat dickhead" my code would look like this
and when it showed up in in a post it would look like this.
Big fat Dickhead

Then take your new magical code, and paste it everywhere that accepts HTML markup like the "Edit HTML" section in blogger, and like it is in so many blogger and non blogger comment areas... then wait.. wait for google to crawl a few of your posts.. note this can take a few weeks, so you have plenty of tiem to post it around alot!
Then when somone searches for that special term (example in the code above "Big Fat Dickhead") your friend/lover/person of special interest will pop right up on page one of the search engine google!
Isn't technology grand?

In a resent case of this, the term Big Fat Loser was given to Michael Mooer, biggest loser went to George W. Bush.. go on go to and try it.. it's fun.
Google did change the results, but if you now try big fat idiot, you will get the picture.

It is a good idea to make up your own term or one that is not aready used too much online.. so for a lover, you could use the term "mylovergivesthebesthead" not too many people are trying to say that all in one word... or lets sy it is a person of special interest.. you could write "(personsname)isacocksucker" you ge the picture.. don;t you?
Well go forth and have a little fun..
and the first person to write "delorumrexsucksballs" gets it!

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