Thursday, April 27, 2006

Duke Lacross Private Eye.. Part Cervix.. the Sex Slave Days (and Nights)

Duke Lacross Private Eye.. Part Cervix.. the Sex Slave Days (and Nights)

What happened next is still a blur.
I spun to see Tammy NYP, Ebony, and of course Edgar with his rod in his hand. (and a gun in the other)
But as they were clearing away the fat lady and the midgets, I saw in a far cover, Wednesday. Dear Sweet Sexy Wednesday.. all tied up and naked.

After I finished wondering how the little midget held his breath that long, I wondered what was in stor for Wednesday and I?

I didn’t have to wonder too long..

Right there in front of the crowd, I was forced up on stage.. naked except for my socks and fedora.. Wednesday was wheeled out onto the stage.. she had been tied belly down on some sort of rolling stool.. her elbows tied tight on one side, her knees tight to the other.. and slightly spread I would like to add.

“What are you planning to do to Wednesday!” I demanded, forgetting who was in possession of the gun..

“We’re not doing anything to her.. Mr. Lacrosse.. you are!” was the sharp response form Edgar.

Wednesday ha been tied up pretty good, I know she must a put up a hell of a fight, or that they had bought her a few drinks, either way, she was tied there unable to do anything to resist .. and gagged with a ball gag just for fun.. I couldn’t help think back to that first Christmas Wednesday and I spent together, the tree all decorated with Ball Gags and Vibro-Dolphin 2000’s.. “those were the days” I thought.. “those were the days.”

“Well Mr. Lacrosse, we’re waiting”, said Tammy. In a voice as cold as my ex-wife.

So I got on my knees behind Wednesday.. and thrust two fingers into her.. one into each hole six pack style. “Is this what your looking for you freaks” I said, trying to mask the fact that I was enjoyinghte hell out of this..
“Yea, Lacrosse, that’s it.. hit dat shit harder” Said Ebony, always the lady that one.

I noticed out of the corner of one eye, that Edgar had gotten out his video phone and was taping this..
Being the ham that I am I naturally started playing up to the camera.. Wednesday did to.. she managed to rock back and forth on the rollered stool..
She was a moanin and a groanin, by the time I got my wee willy winky up and ready for some hot Wednesday doggy style..

I put jus the tip in at first.. Wednesday was screaming something.. but with the ball gag it only sounded like “MFF REMM mEDD MERFET”

Well here goes nothing.. and In the big boy slid.. okay in slid little boy.. (damn it’s my story you would think I could call it big boy without everyone getting all emotional) Wednesday felt good , damn good.. I grabbed an handful of her chestnut hair, and pulled her back into me hard.. again and again.. making a clapping sound when her ass hit my hips.. she was digging it I could tell by the way her eyes had rolled up into her head.. and the little bit of drool that had made it past the ball gag..

“Now Mr. Lacrosse.. rim the young lady” It was tammy that bimbo.

Far be it from me to not follow the directions of a lady, so between Wednesday’s sweet, red from the hip slapping cheeks I dove. Wednesday always tastes sweet as candy. ..and I was really enjoying myself now, despite the gun Edgar held.. “Hey wait a minute!” I thought” How is Edgar still holding that gun if he’s video taping us, with his cell phone?” “Ah who gives a fuck, I always wanted to do Wednesday in front of a crowd” I finished my thought..

All the while I was down there, I was working on Wednesdays knots. Not that I thought she would try to get out of this position before one of us had finished.
“I think she’s cumming” Tammy said in her sweet and innocent voice..
Edgar practically pushed me off of my prey to get a good close up.. damn video phone should have zoom!

Wednesday did com.. and for a long while she shuddered against my face mouth tongue and lips..

When she was finally spent, I got up behind her and slipped “The little president” in again. It felt hot and wet, and just right..

“No!” I heard Edgar yell.. “That’s a cut!” he said as he kicked me upside my head hard..

The little bastard must a known Karate or some such shit because that was all I remembered.. he had kicked me unconscious.

Thus ends Part Seven of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye : the Tammy NYP Incident.

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The Breport Examiner

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Nixeclpis Evil Shouldn’t Look This Good Blog

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Welcome To Wally World.

“You can fool me once, shame on .. you, but.. you see.. a fool can’t get fooled again.”
President George W. Bush

“He thinks that’s Funny???”
Matt and Trey of Southpark

“I don’t get it.”
Kellie Pickler Former American Idol Contestant

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(TO be continued)

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Anonymous said...

you are one sick freak. I like it.

welcome to wallyworld said...

This "anonymous" cunt gets around, don't he?

DelorumRex said...

busy beaver he is.