Sunday, April 23, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye.. Part Trix.. The Reverse Camel

Duke Lacrosse Part Trix..

So after I wiped Wednesday's lipstick off of my hand, not its usually place on my anatomy. I asked Tammy..
"So Doll what have you done with Hung?"

"What haven't I done" she replied.
"Come on doll stop trying to show off in front of Wednesday and just tell me where you put hung."

"She didn't do a reverse camel with a half gainer" Said Mel the greasy spoon's owner.

"Shut UP!" was Tammy's only response.
Seems everyone knew who was Hung tonight.

"Meet me at this place, a little after midnight" Tammy said shoving a business card into my hand and quickly exiting this fine dining establishment.
Mel's Dinner at 2245 Parkside Ave, in Ravenna. (Mel that will cost you a fiver)

I turned to Wednesday, she was upset at the little love tap I had given her earlier, and I knew before the night was over, I would be calling her "daddy"... "It says the Hotel Royal" and has an address.. "

"Is there a room number" said Wednesday.

"On the back of the card it says "69. but I ain't sure if that's an invitation or a room number?"

"You're a whore." was all Wednesday had to say..


We went back to my place. Wednesday was sore at me ,so I gave her a little bit of ice to rub on her full luscious lips.. Usually if we were rubbing ice on Wednesdays lips it meant something different.. something sexual, but it was late, and Wednesday was pissed, so I have a feeling that the blindfolds and handcuffs, if they were used tonight would be so that I didn't know were Wednesday had dropped my drugged body off at, and to keep me from resisting.
I made a mental note.. "Don't smack Wednesday without a hidden handcuff key up my ass."

"Are you going to meet her?" Wednesday said after a short while

"After the meating she took from Edgar, I am not sure what purpose that would serve, but I was thinking about it" I admitted.

"Can I come along" Wednesday asked, sounding more timid than usual.

"Listen Doll I don't care where you cum, as long as you clean up after yourself" I said, taking advantage of her timely timidity, and knowing full well she was only playing up to me.

"We've got an hour to kill before we have to leave." Wednesday said looking even more smashing than normal with her pouty Angelina Jolie lips.. (I mad another mental note.. ) "What do you want to do with it?"

I grinned at her knowingly.. she grinned back, even more knowingly, too bad I didn't catch her knowing more than I did in time....

(to be continued!.. check back later for the continuing saga of "Duke Lacrosse Private Eye!"

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