Monday, April 24, 2006

The ever continuing saga of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye :pART fUX The Tammy NYP Incident

The ever continuing saga of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye : The Tammy NYP Incident

Well Wednesday and I really got it on.. well actually we took it all off, and Wednesday got on. But I digress..
Her lips swollen with passion and that little swak I gave her in the much earlier tasted even sweeter than the had earlier in episode one when I had her.. well never mind…

It was her nipples that tasted queer.. no not “Brokeback” Queer, odd queer.. like I imagine Michael More must taste queer..

That’s when it hit me.. knockout drops.. dear sweet Wednesday had tainted her nipples.. and taint, I would guess with knockout drops.. I could hear her giggling and asking “Who’s your daddy?” just before everything turned gray.. then black.

When I woke up, it was morning, I could tell it was morning, because of the smell of pilitas rising up through the air. That and the fact that Springer was on the tube.

My head hurt, a lot, my ass hurt even more.. It seems Wednesday caught my remark about hiding handcuff keys there, because once I managed to undue the duct tape Wednesday had restrained me with , I found the hand cuff keys, the hand huffs, a bull whip, a can of ready whip, and two dead garbles up there) The gerbils may have been from that party Wednesday and I went to earlier in the night so I wrote them off, but my ass knows no pain such as a Wednesday scorned.

“Damn” I said aloud to the television, Springer always puts me in a foul mouth mood, I lost that card.. Wednesday??? I Thought.. seems she wanted to take up the invitation.. without me.. that naughty bitch.. (make mental note, don’t smack Wednesday over this), then out the door I went.
I hopped into my 1939 five window coupe. (because what else would a private eye named Duke Lacrosse drive) and headed for the Hotel Royal….

“I hope I am not to late” is all I could think..

To be continued…
Will Duke get to the Hotel in time to Video Tape, Edgar, Tammy, Ebony and Wendsday in action??? Tune in tomorrow to find out..

(special Note the Stan Marsh for President picture has nothign to do with this, but Warner Bros, told me if I posts another picture of Boggie, that they would come done here and their lawyers would take turns hiding things up my ass.. and it was either Stan or Kenny Rodgers before and after face lift pictures, and quite frankly Kenny Rodgers scares me more than the Lawyers from Warner Brothers.)

PS. See the latest rumor about tammy at Brrreeeport: rumor has it that Tammy Heard of Clapbangkiss and thought it was a condition, and activity, and something the Edgar never does after a BJ.

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