Monday, April 24, 2006

either blogger is fucked or I am???

Okay, so I posted a little anti-bush , illuminati , thing yesterday, and today I can't post to blogger.. could it be coincident?
(you betcha)
but just in case..
Dear Government Watchers,
I apologize for posting stuff that made Bush look evil, or part of some global control minded secret society.
We all know Bush is not smart enough to run the country much less the WORLD.. I was just funnin'

And just in case you are reading this, please pass it along, that I am willing to work for whoever pays the most.. (I am assuming that with a 2 billion dollar a day war budget, that you could make me an offer, to write stuff that makes bush, skull and bones, and the illuminati look like saints!) I figure I will blog all the wonders of GW adn the gang for $3500 a week.. see note even the Billion Dollars some of my contemporaries would have asked for..
(All you woudl have to do is take a half a day off in Iraq... so on second thought??? Better write fast, before i change my mind 'eh?) (oh yea, I will even use spell check for an aditional $100 a day! Now you can't beat that!!!)
and lets not forget $3500 a week is cheaper than Rush costs you.. and not having a drug addiction, I will be a lot less apt to ask for a raise every time the price of oxycodone goes up. Think about it???

If however you would prefer I just shut the fuck up.. I am sure you know my personal email address by now, so hey drop me a line, tell me to shut up and I will no big deal.. (no need to Waco me) I will just go on writing about tammy nyp and other things that make me grin, and leave good old Dubya alone.. I promise.

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