Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hottest Bloggerette.. the contenders.. Xai Xue Sawn Yang / Yao, Reena Vasquez, Lily, Daphne Tao

So how do our contenders stack up..
In First place with 10 votes.

In Second place with 6 votes
Dawn Yang / Yao

In Third place with 5 votes Renna Vasquez

In fourth relative late comer (Muriel) Lily
With 3 Votes.

In last place
Daphne Tao with one vote.

And our latest addition MuMu

Also with one nominatorial vote.

We here at Random Thoughts.. that's me and all the voices in my head.. would like to thank each of the hot bloggers above , for being hot and being asain.. cause, we have a real fetish for asian ladies..
But with that said, is there no Black, Caucasian, or Indian (Native or From India.. which is kind of asian) Bloggerttes that could ba called "hot"?

If not that's okay too.. but I would think that each and every country, nationality, race, creed or belief would have at least one super-hottie..
So if you know of any hot bloggerette, the more diverse the better, that you think should be up in lights here as a HOT BLOGGERETTE please leave a comment with their URL.. we will do the rest.
And don't forget voting is still open, vote early and often! DO IT NOW!


Anonymous said...

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Alicia Bennett said...

Just my view, my vote for hottest band has to be Arctic Monkeys. The Arctic Monkeys are moving up a gear!