Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol notes from a viewer.. ACE BLOWS

Okay worst performance, Ace.
He was flat most of the song, that little stare at the end of every tune is getting old hat quickly, and he picked the wrong tune.

Best performance: Chris, he has a voice for creed, simaon may have been right when he said it was a bit self serving, but fuck you simon, it rocked!

Pleasant Suprise performance: Paris, doing Beyonce, was actually kinda sexy.. and paris is far from sexy.. it was kinda cool if you ask me.

Unpleasant suprise performance: Kelly Pickler.. for the first time she made me yawn.. the arraingment sucked, she was not that good, and is is just me or has she gained some weight?

Don't get me wrong, I still think it will come down to Kelly and Chris in the end (Chris will win) and both will have carreers because of this. Kelly is just too damned cute to not love. And Chris is just too damn good not to win.


welcome to wallyworld said...

Hi mate. Can you go to my site "Shoot the Shit" and click on the YouTube link there "Pervy & his little mate fiercing it..;". And then give those retards a Top Rate? Thanks a lot. We'll see if we can send it up the YouTube ranks.

You'll also enjoy the Peter Cook & Dudley Moore MP3 "What a Cunt" - an oldie but goodie. Your pal, Mal.

DelorumRex said...


welcome to wallyworld said...

Pretty funny eh?

DelorumRex said...

hysterical! Sure to be a #1! American Idol has nothing on them skills.. yikes!