Tuesday, March 28, 2006

American Idol wish it had it this good!

Band: OkGo!
Song: A Million Ways to Be Cruel

Shot in the back yard on a Saturday.. fucking thing is better than 90% of the shit they try to stuff down our pipes on the Tele..
GADDAMN I Hate People of Talent!
Did you catch the "Matrix" punch.. fuck I hate these guys..
Funny, talented.. and live in cool places.. FUCKERS!!!!
I will admit this is my first introduction to the band OkGo or is that O.K. G.O. whatever!
and if it were not for my bud Wally I may have gone through my whole life not knwoing them.. and feeling just that much funnier than I really am..
Don't you wish you had bought Bryan's Brain when it was for sale on ebay?

now lets not go about being a wanker.. buy the fucking CD.. or I will have them sent to your house.. where they wil dance.. (ala Shprockets)
Speaking of ebay.. my Technosmaprati #1 SOLD! Yes, friends, it went for $10.50.. more than any other botttle cap tripod is worth.. and twice as funny as any gaddamned tammynyp pavlina approved product on the market!
So those who thought I was a silly cunt for posting it.. well I guess you know what to suck..
Yes, I did "IT" on ebay!

or search for your own crap...

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