Monday, March 27, 2006

Feeling a bit naughty?? Check this out.. a download hotter than tammy!

Click here to go see for yourself!

I spent a few hours this weekend playing Texas Hold 'em at Party Poker .com!

I had a blast.. good partice for my Saturday night low stakes game, and beyond that, you can even open up a real money account.. and get a bonus for siging up!
Check it out.. party poker and when asked for a promotional code write NEWWEB.

I made $16,000 in about 3 hours! (Of course I was on the play money tables.. so don;t call the IRS!)

If you are online there, look for me.. Delorumrex.. perhpas we can get into a little head to head action?

Okay now that , that is out of the way.. (yawn)
I can see that there is nothing real exciting going on at techno today.. I even went to visit Mal at and it looks like ain;t much going on there either.. I did like the "Where the fucking hell are you" ad!

I have alwways had a facination with Australia, I would really like to know what Mal moved.. (well other than for his wife.). what's a matter Wally couldn't get a sheila at home? Or did you run outta sheep? (Sorry Mal I could not help it.. you may now make fun of my flippers)

At any reat.. now that is it monday adn we all have hangovers form the weekend, go check out as I am sure that the Sunday Sacralidge has been posted, and see go sign up at because palying from real money is a whole lot more fun than waisting your time at work playing solitare.. (come on you know you do it!)


welcome to wallyworld said...

Working on a Viral Ad for a beer. Inspired by what that 24 year old shit Danny Boy at did. Just waiting to see what happens next.

DelorumRex said...

cool.. how about beer+viagra.. I had a whole bit once about Varga Brew.. adn Vagra Berw lite, once..

welcome to wallyworld said...

You want a cameo in this? We might shoot in Sydney, Orstraya. Pick between "punk", "geek" or "trainspotter" roles. 30 sec spot. The "punk" gets to go ballistic smashing things up. No money in it but there'll be a big drink and some of the other. Pitching a major beer label and if they don't go for it I'll try another until I crack it. Know any digicam operators?

DelorumRex said...

Would love one.. but I can't see a trip to Sydney in my near future..
digicam operator.. nope.. I know somone who once fillemd this chick takin one for the team with his Camera Phone.. but other than that???

If I gotta pick.. I pick the punk!
(Reminds me of my Johnny Rotten Days!).. well what I can remember of them.. fucking bastards!

Anonymous said...

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