Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mummy, my Spam smells like Kelly Pickler...

American Idol? Tammy NYP? Video Phone Sex Tapes? Download a song or a movie?Hell now.. I just wanted to get your attention.
Hey , I did this weird little auction.. (readers will know this.. so no I am not trying to bore you.. this is for the nubies)

Anyway, I ran a silly little auction for a “Bottle Cap Tripod” to kind of poke fun at Technorati and the strange terms that come up in the #1 spot.. This is a clip from the person who bought my silly little bottle cap tripod..Go check her store out and for fuck’s sake bid on something or buy something.. until you do I will continue to spam my way to the top.. so for the sake of your fellow looki-loos.. go but something already!

Here is my ebay store:

I enjoy buying and sell. I’m a mother who wanted to stay home and enjoys shopping for things.

I enjoy selling. I started selling on Ebay to make some room in my house, and it’s easier then having yard sales. I want everyone to be 100% satisfied with doing business with me.

I really enjoy selling on ebay, and have met a lot of great people threw emails.

I started selling for some friends of mine to help keep my inventory up, and help them make some extra money too. I want to Thank you for visiting my site. Keep checking back because new item will go up every couple of days.


If you tell her, that you came from this page.. and you buy somthing.. she will do somthing EXTRA SPECIAL for you.. now I am not goiing to tell you what she said.. I will letyou use your imagination.. but beleve me , it is one hell of a lot better than a sharp stick in the eye.. well unless your into that sort of thing.. in which case it is a lot like a sharp stick in the eye..

So mention Delorumrex.. and get an extra special treatment.. that sounds like an auction with a happy ending to me!!

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