Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol Suprise McPhee? WTF! Even Bucky was stunned!

Okay so Mc Phee got called up.. did you see the look in Bucky's face.. he knew he sucked.. and that she did not.. WTF?!?!
Okay Ace was worse than the girl that went home.. but I can agree with that vote.. but boobs should have been left out of that.. hell I voted twice for her.. (once for each tit)

So American vote for McPhee becaus eif we're lucky she will ahve a wardrobe malfunction!

Also, in home front news.. I been a baaaaaaad boy.
I been hanging out at
Click here to go see for yourself!
Sure online gamming is illegal in this state, and I am not saying that you should go break anlaws.. I am just saying that at you can play for fun (or for money). I played the imaginary money rooms for a could of weeks, and if I had been playing in a real money room I would have made about $25,000.. so I decided that I woudl try my hand at a real money room.. time will tell if I make anything from it.. but it sure is fun!
A friend said that all the good players are in the money rooms.. after a short viewing today I have to disagree.. many of the players in the money rooms suck!

I think it would be a blast to quit my job and just play cards for a living.. not that i think I am good enough, I am an okay player, and when I watch things like a the World Series of Poker, I stand in amazement at the skill of the real pros!
But if you are like me, go check out and play a little in the imaginary money rooms.. it is really a blast. And who knows you may see me there.. look for delorumrex... if you see me there, be sure to say hi.