Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Transparency International a summary to help sort throught the spam..

Exceprt from Fake Rake:
"You know, there are lots of news and cultural items I’ve discovered from looking at the top searches on Technorati. I’d never have heard of NYP Tammy if not for that, and, while that didn’t really mean anything except a few bucks in Adsense revenue, it was an interesting glimpse into the weird and sexually repressed culture of Singapore.
But now the top search for a few days has been “Transparency International.” I kind of ignored it for a while, since it didn’t mean anything to me, but today started reading up on it. And it’s a very interesting story out of Germany."

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It is interesting to see how people try to get noticed ont eh search engines with top rated search terms. I still always wonder wha the real top search is, due to term blocking, I do not think it is often what you see at techno.
I do like it when somone takes the time to sort through the spam and coem up with a well written account of what the search term is really all about. The article sighted above is one such item.Well done Fake Rake


Fake Rake said...

Why, thank you. :)

DelorumRex said...

you are very welcome!

DelorumRex said...

you are very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, too: