Friday, March 31, 2006

The Techno Tags of the moment.. defined.

Yesterday we ran a post defining the top ten searches at technorati for those of us that are just too lazy to actually click the damn things.. the first three were an honest attempt to define what’s hot.. but it got boring, so I just made up the rest.. today we will skip the honest representation and get straight to the made up crap.
Today’s tags are.
That thing that we keep hearing about.. political BS for the most part. It is what made this country great and will be what keeps it great.. but as long as the sides can toss F bombs at each other over it, it will always be entertaining.
There should be a sign at every airport that reads, “Welcome to America, if you can’t speak the language stay the hell out.” (It should be written in Lakota Sioux)

That Crazy company that keeps us hooked with their illicit substances.. aka software. I want to know how they are so profitable? They have not released a new product in how many years? (OS that is) . I think that Bill Gates has had us all hypnotized, to send money to him in the middle of the night while we sleep. SO the next time you can’t find that fiver you knew you left in your pants pocket remember.. Microsoft has it.

Um uh? What can I say that has not already been said? (oH I Know) He’s a real smart guy. I don’t think anyone has ever said that.

FUCKING GREAT! Just what I need another web.. I have not seen half the porn on the first web.. and now I have a whole nother one to look through.. I may never have “seen them all”. My mother once said, once you have seen one, you have seen them all.. my mom apparently never looked at more than one. Thenks to the internet, I have now seen thousands of them, and I can say that they are all unique. I will continue mey quest, to find two that are just alike , until then.. as the song says.. “the internet is for porn!”

Now here is a subject I can get into .. well not literally.. try as a fucking may.. no matter how I try, you just can’t get any action as a seal boy. Little wonder though that this is a top tag.. who isn’t interested in sex? Who does not want to look at sex (for purely educational purposes) ? Hey I like sex.. just because I don’t; have any does not mean I don’t. I don’t have a lot of money, and I like it just fine.. so why can’t a seal boy like sex HUH?

thursday thirteen
A cute little blog thing where you are supposed to make a list of thirteen (whatevers) so everyone can see what you are thinking.
Well here is my little list.
3.More boobs
4. Nice butts
5. Bikini Waxing
6. Handcuffs
8. chains
9. dildos
10. lubricant
11.did I mention boobs?
12. edible underwear
13. Alcohol

What is my list? Answer: Name thirteen things that you state senator thought about today when he / she should have been working on getting the country out of the fucking hole they helped put us in.

Yea, yea, yea.. remember what I sad before.. when I was a kid we had a portable music device too.. it was called a cassette player.. get the fuck over it already. Tammy NYP has a lot more entertainment value than any ipod (unless you have the Tammy NYP download on your iPod that is)

web 2.0
Why is this ion the list twice? Oh 2.0 I get it.. funny fuckers. Wait until web 10.0 comes out.. then the list will just read web 10.0 , web 10.0, web10.0 etc etc..

Andy there it is.. the top tags at tecnorati.. some may call this spam, I call it art..
I once made a dragon head out of a lump of spam, so don’t tell me spam can’t be art..
I once hear a rumor that Art Garfunkle was actually carved out of spam.. and from the smell.. I can say that is one rumor that might be true.

So leave me a comment telling me how fucking cool I am.. and how you have comment bombed the real spammers out there, who just add the list of the top ten to every post, or worse post only the list hoping that you will go visit them.. them fuckers!

TO by Boys Nix and Mal.. sup biotches?
To all of you who were actually looking for some substance, try or
For those who may be offended by my ever continuing references to tammy nyp.. I say. Please go do something outrageous! I need a new topic as much as you want me to have one.. so go video yourself having sex with a penguin or something, and let me spread the video all over the web.. I would even post it to youtube for you..

Peace, that’s the world today March 31st 2006. We will now continue with your regularly scheduled program.

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