Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Idol or Tammy NYP I am out of ideas…

American Idol or Tammy NYP I am out of ideas…

Yes friends the well is dry.. no not that I do not have anything to write.. because quite frankly I do not care if you find my schtick funny or not.. I write this crap to entertain myself and myself alone..
You see I write serious crap all day everyday.. when I come here, I drop my trousers air out my naughty bits and let ‘er fly.

So if it is comedic, or fiction, or non-fiction or bad poetry.. it’s all good to me.
(Sorry about the poor typing and spelling and complete lack of care about grammar and proper usage.. but this is my play ground and from here, I am the biggest bully on the grounds.. )

But what I am eluding to.. is advertising.

You see I have this big fat colomb at the left, that is just begging for some ads, to get you people paying me for all this “work” I am doing.. so what do you think?
Should I post American Idol ads? A link to a place that says they have Tammy nyp downloads? Or pavlina spreads? Or should I go all serious on you and put ads for Viagra, penis enlargement and slightly used cat furniture up? (Because e I think this is what you really want..)

So tell me.. tell me what you want to see here.. or what you buy or at least click on when you see an ad.. what cranks your ta la la?

Come on you know what kinda crap you like to see.. why don’t you sit right down and tell me?

And if you don’t like it.. then leave.. but before you do go to and www.welcometowallyworld.coma and leave them a little spam… k?
The New Other White Meat.

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