Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Calling all Tammy , Tami, Tamy, NYP NYU Download Video Phone Sex fans!

Tammy Lives!
from :
Spread the word: Tammy Lives!
The reports (mostly from Europe) that Singapore sex scandal NYP student "Tammy" is dead are not founded in truth: there is even a fake newspaper report on the incident, with photograph and all.
These malicious rumours are FALSE.
Tammy is getting on fine. She is alive and kicking.
Please do not help spread this false information.
有一些外国网站传出Tammy (南洋理工学院自拍女主角) 自杀的传闻, 恶作剧者还伪造一份报章,将Tammy自杀照刊登出来。
Tammy 并没自杀。Tammy 安然无恙。

I think all of us who have seen soaring hits due to tammy nyp owe her a word of gratitude.
From this Blogger. DeRex Says "Thank you".

I wish I knoew how to get a hold of you, as I am sure that there are many like me, who are in your debt. I wish you all the best in life, and may this uncomfortable experience bring you much , well deserved, fortune and fame. (But only the good kind)

If I knew Tammy, these woudl be my words to her.. Don;t worry, this will blow over, but if you are game, what you need now is a good publisist.. somone to keep you in the minds of the blogging millions.. so that as soon as you turn 18.. well the sky becomes the limit. Perhpas you could sell your story.. perhpas you could make a million with hollywood, or perhpas if you were game you could open an adult website, and really make a killing.. perhpas all three.. perhpas none, but it is now up to you, to sieze the day.. and to capitolize on this sad set of affairs.
Tammy NYP you ROCK!

If you are a blogger, spread the word, tammy lives.. and say a little something nice to her.. we who are benifiting from her should be the ones to offer our support first.
Disclaimer: The Tammy NYP Video Download Movie / Video is technicaly child pornography, therefore you should not download it, distribute it or even view it. But that does not mean you cannot talk about this phenominon Technorati Tammy nor does it mean that she is not deserving of our apreciation and perhpas a standing ovation.


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