Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unofficial Tammy NYP update.

Hey kids.. it looks like Tammy is out there adn does here what we say.
I have recieved an email from what could very well be Tammy Herself!
(I am workign on confirmation, but it did come from the right part of the world)
She says "thank you for everyone's support."

She has been confirmed as "doing well", by a contact I have developed inside NYU.
"She still shows up at class and is all smiles."

There seems to be little truth to the roumor that there will be more tammy NYU sex videos.
It seems that the story that started all of this may just be truth. It was an unfortunate accident that made this happen.
There is no indication that Tammy has gotten a publisist.
(In this writer's opinion she still needs one)

Also there seems no truth to the rumors that hollywood is asking for the rights to her story..

I can think of one porn company that has said publicly that they would have signed her if she were 18, but due to child pornography laws will not touch her until after her 18th birthday. (Not even contact her?)

Tammy we love ya!
I hope that some writer comes along and offers you that deal.

Seems the blogosphere is still All Tammy All The Time.. amazing!


welcome to wallyworld said...

Hey dude. Check my confession on

She should make me her publicist.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »