Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar.. Crash.. hummm??? Reese Witherspoon?

Alright I will be the first to admit.. Oscar night means less than nothing to me generaly speaking..
I just do not see eye to eye with most people when it coems to movies.. this is perhaps one reason that I woudl rather go to for info on movies than to watch the oscars.
But this year there was a suprise.. "Crash".
Crash is a movie that I blew off, and did not care to see.. but then oscar came along and you know what? I may just go to and rent a copy now.
SO Oscar is doing his job for this movie..
I am curious if others like me, that blew it off will now see "Crash"?
Or if they are really in dire need to help a borther, use the link below and buy a freakin copy.

Then while we are on this topic.. I saw "Walk the Line" this weekend. I liked it.. nothing real heady about it, but I find myself a Johnny Cash fan lately.. so if you are into that whole crazed 50's drug addled music scene, or want an interesting love story to watch, or just like the man in black.. give it a try too. .

And it does not hurt matters that Reese Witherspoon is so freakin bangable!

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