Monday, March 06, 2006

DeRex Tips hat to Oscars..

of course the oscars are always better with a few nipple slips.. but that is another subject..
So here is my hat-tip to oscar..

Go read the reviews or write one, or even buy a copy of one of the Oscar approved flicks.. you know you want to..


welcome to wallyworld said...

I just saw "Syriana". Was ready to walk after 10 minutes. Boring, disjointed, predictable, over-hyped CRAP. Clooney was good but the script sucked. Have a nice day, ya hear - Malkie at - the Tammy world's most viewed blog (next to this one). :)

DelorumRex said...

YEa.. I think I woudl rather watch "All that Jazz" again, vs. Syriana..
Clooney is always good, but juest because it had the potential of being a propaganda film, turned me off.. I hate propaganda for either side..
Well mate.. we will have to go view more tammy stuff.. at

(Wanna Root.. that one is priceless!)