Monday, March 06, 2006

Horror Movies! plus tomb of anubis opening!

ohh scarry This link will take you to Amazon .com's horror movie page.. let me advise you.. my little droogie woog.. or malchick.. CLICK IT! Save it to your favorites.. then go to and check out that batch of creepy crap!
If for example Nix says it is a must see.. then go buy the freaking thing!
(Unless of course he is talking about ALl That Jazz.. in which case he was young and fell in love with teh boobies when he saw it.. so all bets are off there.. you can;t believe anythign a hormonaly teenaged twit tells you.. not that Nix is teenaged anymore, or all that hormonal.. but he was under the influence at the time that he developed his opinion, so you gotta cut him some slack.
Oh and why we are on the subject.. go to technorati and do a search for "tomb of anubis"
it will only serve to help promote Nix.. and he needs all the help he can get these days..

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