Friday, March 10, 2006

Project Origami becomes Ultra-Moblie PC thanks Microsoft.

(Microsoft speak for the newest way to fold your bills up into nice little packages to be fitted into the company coffers.)
Here is the best (most concise) article I have found.
CBC article short and sweet.
and of course no look into what the hell an origami is, is complete without a visit to the cryptic marketing site

Strange I have published this three times now and each tiem it gets changed in uploading?
I had a cute little bit about tammynyp here, but it was cut also a claim to free your willie to free wally.. but that too suffered upload "editing".
So I guesws I will leave Tammy to her own for now, and will not say, anything about wally...

See all the details at Free Willy To Free Wally day two is in effect.

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