Monday, March 06, 2006

Tammy NYP Video Download or not?

Alright my fine feathered friends.. I am not going to tell you that they have doen a review of the infamous Cheerleader Phone Sex Tape from NYp in Singapore featureing Tammy and her Beau mr Big Stick at but I am telling you that you need to go check out the movie reviews there.. and maybe even request that the do a review of the Tammy NYP getting the big stick video.
All I am saying is that they apprently like to piss off the christian right, and what better way to do that than with porn. (Or Brokeback Mountian)
But seeing how I do nto think you could make any of those wankers watch Brokeback Mountian, even if you strapped them into chairs and helpd thier eyes open real Clockwork Orange style.. althought aht may foce them to rethink their lives of wanton violence.. I doubt that it would cause them to review it..
Or if you are like me and like horror movies, and pissing off the conservitive right you could click here
in a lame assed attempt to drive TOmb of Anubis to the top of the technorati pile..
now I know that this is not exactly cricket.. but if you were to say click this link and then email it to a ton of your friends asking them to click this link and ask them to tell their friends to click this link
we could piss off a whole bunch of right wing whities.. and promote the new horror movie review site..
So do the right thing.. piss on a christain today.. go to now.


NixEclips said...

Thanks, DeRex. I sent emails and clicked away, but we're up against the Oscars, this time, and not some random hot chick. Jon Stewart is kicking ass and not even taking names!

I appreciate the support and Anubis does, as well. Be sure to check into the Tomb of Anubis every Sunday or after for new updates and opinions.

Also, look for a editorial/ranting section for me and possibly the others.

AND EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE "THE HILLS HAVE EYES"!!! If you don't know why, go to and read the fucking review!

Nix says: Oh, and if you're interested, DeRex, you can submit a review for the tomb, as well. If you'd like someone to be a human spell/grammar checker, I'll hook you up.

DelorumRex said...

FUCK THEM OSCARS! I am thinking that every day shoudl be tomb of annubis day.. until it hits! The oscars may coem and go but death is forever.. biotches!

SPell and Grammar check?? I blow my nose at the concept!
I wave my private parts at your aunties!
You electric donkey bottom bitter!