Friday, March 10, 2006

Hey look.. people with talent?

If I keep this up I may have to develope some talent myself..
(note to self.. take a typing class)

But seriously.. go here.
Look for Punters by Lambe.. that little fucker can actually write.. (and spell.. ohhh I hate that)

Then you got NixEclips who is making himself famous over at ToA no not TnA! ToA

Then you got your swifty.. smart assed kid making it big in singapore with a video camera.. (humm seems to be a tend in Malaysia) The thing that kills me, is allt ha hot chciks that want him to free willy to free wallyworld.. wanker!

and of course you got Mc Rebbe! That's one funny Jew boy! OY!

All have great talent! All are freeing their willie to free wally, even though our cries of protest was heard and we have won..
Later I think we will all gather around out cyber campfire and sing Cum-bay-ya (or however that is spelled.. who cares it sucks even when spelled properly)

So my perverted freinds, go pay some props to the peeps above.. what have you got to loose? (besides your sanity)
Free Willy at
Hey Mel, don't you think that the (Charles De'Gaul) Paris airport smells funny? Kinda like old ashtrays and armpits?


welcome to wallyworld said...

Funny part is they never stop me going through Customs and I've never had my passport stamped (I'm travelling on Republic of Plutonia). I always feel guilty going through those controls but France - it's cool. Straight through. No worries. Think I'll bring a key of Bolivian next time I go through Charles de Gaulle.

Free your Willy to free Wallyworld!

DelorumRex said...

That would have beent he only thing that would have made my last 8 our lay over at CDG tollerable.. hey got no sleep for 36 hours, stuck in an armpit smelling airport for 8 hours, wiht no friggin Euros and some BIOTCH at teh exchange counter that is pretending she can;t speak english.. no worries.. 2.2. pounds of this little falky goodness will get you through!

welcome to wallyworld said...

You know I might be back on the Technorati board but they don't appear to be tracking me. They used to whack them up in about ten minutes. Now - nothing. So I'm still stirring the pot and I still rekon we all need to get thisTagging Business sorted. No Tags=No Tracking. No tracking=No Traffic - well a lot less, anyway. Have a look at mylatest post on Tagging.

Free your Willy to Free Wallyworld!

welcome to wallyworld said...

Well now this is an interesting thing. The latest post of mine is there on Techno. Icalled it Technorati Tagging Problems and more Naked Tammy. Had fuck-all to do with Tammykins. Guess where they put it? Under "Tammy NYP". Fair dinkum. You think these guys don't like us criticing them? That's fucking "skewed". Bent. If anything it should be filed under "Technorati" and "Tammy". There's something rotten in the Sate of Denmark...

Hang out your old fella to save this old fella.

The Great Swifty said...

Eh, I'm making it big in Malaysia, not Singapore.

welcome to wallyworld said...

Just got a personal reply from Technorati's Dave Sifry - gave me his direct line number!

free your whizzer for fucking Wallyworld and free Tammy while you're at it.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks for the link to Wallyworld. It's really a great site!

By the way, you forgot to mention MY BLOG in your post! hahaha...

Check it out if you want to. I'm from Singapore too....but no, I am not Tammy.

Come and drop by Hotel Solace and see if you enjoy your stay. :)

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