Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Iran .. this one scares me.. a word to Iran.. from one concerned American.

Hello, I am DeRex..
I still want you to take what I am about to say to heart, I am only one man, in a sea of Americans (Infedels to some)
Let me clue you in on a little somthing.. our president is a nut case.
Yep, he's completely bonkers.. fucking off his rocker crazy baby!
Why shoudl you care.. well.. let me tell you.
You have "thrown down the gauntlet" so to speak, over the US dragging your asses in front of the UN security counsel You have promised "Pain" to the US as a result..
What are you FUCKING STUPID?!?!?! THis crazy whack fucking job thinks that he is doing "God's work". He will NUKE your asses.. he will not play "cold war" with you. To him you are just a bunch of ignorant camel hurders.. )(now I do nto think that.. so no need for a fatwah on me.. okay??)
But listen guys.. he will not let you step up and be treated like a super power.. he woudl ike nothing better than to destabilize you and see you go bye bye..
So before you start saying you will cause america "Pain" remember this is not Jimmy Carter that youa re dealing with.. it is the guy that had all of those tons of ordenance dropped on Sadam.
DO you relaly want a tomahawk missel up the turbin?
My adivce would be to play nice, until Bush is out of office.. then if you want to be ranting idiots, go on ahead.. nobody here will listen of care at that point.

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