Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oscars?!?! Who the hell is oscar? I want movies that will never win an acadamy award! The oscars suck!

Here's the deal.. every year Hollywood celebrates its "Artsyness.. " and breaks it's back blowing itself at the oscars! I like movies that will never win an oscar.. and I mean NEVER!
That's one reason I like they review horror flicks.. good and bad.. bloody and cheezy..

I say protest the oscars.. and search technorati for tomb of anubis.. show hollywood, how irrelevent it has become.. adn drive tomb of anubis to the top of the technorati search!
Click the link below to search technorati for tomb of anubis
It will be like telling George Clooney to go up Brokeback Mountain and pound sand up his ass!
Then do it again.. do it all goddamned day long, until TOmb of Anubis is in the top 10.. fuck if you really wanna jam the old cattle prod up tammy nyp and hollywoods collective ass, click the fuckin thing until it's number one.. get all your pathetic oscar blowing friends to do it too.. if they like the oscars.. don;t tell them why.. just tell them to do it.. we'll put the fuckins to hollywood throughout the bloggosphere.. and we'll fuckin like it!
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