Thursday, April 13, 2006

American Idol, notes form a (Reluctant) viewer.. bucky bye and more..

Okay, I am watching AI this year like I actually enjoy the damn thing.
This week we said good-bye to the Buckster.. yep good-old-boy bucky was voted off.. I missed Bucky's performance on Tuesday, so I was clueless about him.. I did catch the rest of the show and out of the rest, I have ot say that Elloit really blew it!
Empty shirt Ace will stick it though the next week, imho.

Bucky, well, I have to say, that I am not going to miss him, and that his leaving comes as no suprise.. I am sure he will have a great carreer playing biker parties and singing in honkey tonks. Good luck Bucky.

Now for the rest of the Bunch.. I still am sticking by me earlier prediction that in the end it will be Chris and Kelly.
Chris to win, Kelly to place.. and to show is anybodies guess.
(I say LaFee or is it LaPhe? will be third.. the Gray haired guy what's his name, may be third, but i get the feeling it will be La whatever)

The Gray Haired Guy.. I like him.. I would actually buy his CD if he put it out today, .. but he is not more apealing on the grand scale than Chris..
La Whatever, will have a brilliant carreer sining soundtracks for Disney movies, chris will go on to great stardom and divorce his fat-chick wife to date Pam Anderson and Pais Hilton... Note to Chris.. when with either, wear a condom.

and that wraps up this portion of this week in American Idol, Notes of a reluctant viewer.

To see a band that is too adult, to filthy and too foul to ever be on network television check out The PoTaToeBabies .. and remember International PotatoeBabies day is just around the corner..
"Happy Easter.... there is no god"
Rev. C.P. Smith of the Potatoebabies

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