Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Potatoebabies.. a band ment for youtube!

Hey fuckers!
Go check out the Potatoebabies.. at they are an adult theamed alternative/pop/rock band.. you will never see any of these fuckers on American Idol, but that is only because they woudl full on smack that asshole Simon up side the head..

I am trying to talk teh Rev. C.P. Smith into making a video for youtube.. I have seen thse guys in action live and mostly naked.. and think that youtube is the perfectr "exposure" vvehicle for them.. so if you think so to drop the fuckers a note.. tell them we want you on youtube and we want it now!

Tell Charles he can even wear a dress.. that always helps motivate him..
(Maybe if you ask nicely, he will even put the circus song on youtube for us?)
Fucking clowns..
Rememebr it was the Rev. C.P.Smith who said.. "I got a sheep in the back, you're all welcome to ride".

In other news.. Bush is still a scary ass hole.
I am in meeting most of the day.. and will hav eno time to sit in my office with my pants down.
Nixeclips is still posting shit to ToA.
and Mal Shagged a sheep.

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