Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tammy NYp Tami Tamy Tamynyp NYP Tammy News!! + Potatoebabies!

Well it has finaly happened a band (up and coming bound for stardome) the Potatoebabies, has released a song on the "Good Boy" record lable that sings to the hearts of all of us[perverts].. yes it is an "Ode To Tammy (NYP)"

In further news, it has been rumored that The PoTatoeBabies is releasing a video on youtube which will feature clips from the infamous cell phone sex movie download!

When asked about future plans, the bands lead singer and Guitarist Rev. Charles Preston Smith simply replied. "Our lawyers have asked us not to speak to the media prior to the release date."

We have gotten an unconfirmed report that the release date may be as early as May 1st!
For further information stay tuned kiddies!

Note to webmasters and bloggers, International PotatoeBabies day is coming soon.. be sure to look here for how you can benifit from International PotatoeBabies day!

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