Friday, April 14, 2006

South Park Jesus and Bush take Dump Comedy Central takes one for the team (not really)..

Here is a well written article about this week's SOuth Park Episode.. nicely done.
Seeing how I do not write well, or even coherently (you try it with flippers some time) I will simply post a youtube script here and let you decide if Matt and Trey were in on the whole thing or not.

Just the end, where Jesus and Bush crap..

The full episode was not put up on youtube yet.. it is only a matter of time, and when it is.. I will put it here.. stay tuned..

In my mind: (scary misspelled place that it is)
Comedy Central made the correct decision.. but only because showing the huge double standard between "us and them" makes such a better point, that simply showing an image of Muhammed and pissing off a bunch of whack jobs.

anyway, here is the censored clip form South Park..

Do not view if you are easily offended.. I mean easily stupid.. sorry.
Bring on the Fatwah!

Actually it is now rumored that youtube is pulling it too.. unbelieveable! Watch while you can kiddies.

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