Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration Information Esplaination, Iran, Bush and the Tactical Nuke

Oh Lucy.. ju' got some splainnin' to do...

Why the big stink about immigration now?
Illegal Immigration has been a problem here for decades! Why when we are at war, and perhpas about to invade another country Iran does Immigration come up?

Is it a question of National security? Not from where I am standing... if that was the case the borders would already be shut down.

How I see it, is that the Dems want ilegals to be here, because then become dems in many cases.. the dems want to ofer citizenship for this reason too.. The Reps want them to be here, so that there corporate sponsors can keep hiring low wage employees..

Neither side gives a shit that our tax burden may be higher as a result of the social program bleeding that illegal immigrants may or may not be guilty of.. and neither side gives a shit that people die trying to get into this coutry.

So what's it all about???
I think that for the administration it is yet another smoke screen to keep our eye off of their true intentions for us and for Iran.. and for the dems and reps in house and seanet it is a matter of playing up to the constituency. Remember this is an off cycle election year.

No matter what, with our current lot of bozos (and this includes my state's Bozos) I think we're fucked.

On Iran: JESUS this fucking loonie we have in the white house scares me! If you think for one minute that the story about using tactical nukes was not leaked with purpose your as nutty as Bush is! That Mesionoic madman would gladly use nukes or whatever else he saw as nessasary to bring about the second comming.. remember people he is a born again! If you hear him call the leader of Iran "the Antichrist" you best duck and fucking cover!

The young people of Iran love American Culture.. and if we had a brain in the administration we would be working on that youth to take control of the coutry.. like the cold war this could be won without firing a shot.

Economic advise: Buy canned soup and guns.

And now your moment in Right wing end of the world propaganda.. the Left Behind Series..

Remember America your president may or may not thnk of these books as "prophetic"... duck and cover...

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