Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fast food.. McGormet? Well not quite..

Leave it to my friend Mal to write about it and me to live it..

Mal resently wrote about "Ordering from Off the menue" at fast food places.. good article written well.. the fast down a dirty breakdown is taking combinations of availabel ingredients to coem up with somthing that is not on the menue.

Today, I did this.

Arby's.. Chicken Cordon Bleu sadwich, topped with Maranara (Used as a sauce for chesee sticks).. I tell you what it was damn good!

Toss in some curly fries adn a Jamoca Shake.. and I damn near felt like I was really eating food.. not just fast slop.
Hell I almost raised my pinky finger when sipping that fine sugary gunk that is Jamoca.

Here's to you Wally! Cheers!

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