Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Comment moderation and other things..

I have taken comment moderation features and turned them off for this blog.. why you may ask.. well let me tell you..
I have grown to love blog spam and blog spammers in all there shades of gray..
I open this blog up to comments from all of them.. and wish them many new found successes..
Now I do expect them to fogive me if, I happen to inadvertantly make fun of them.. or put links to them that say click here for pedophilia.. and such.. but all in all I think of this as a new way to open my arms up to spam and spammers everywhere..

So to show my new found freedom of expression I offer you the following links.

Tammy NyP Naked in a Santa Suit Download.

Southpark Chef takes one in the pooper!

Youtube Video of Naked Tammy Nyp Sucking Face (and more) with Black Lesbian Adult film actress.


Pig Fucker

Skank Whore

Mega Dittos

Republican Politics

Democrat Politics

Anal Sex

Salty Chocolate Balls

Tom Cruise

and last but not least..
South Park

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