Thursday, April 13, 2006

South Park Mohammed Cartoon Censorship.. article

see the article here.

Matt and Try took their shot at Comedy Central rather than the planned shot at Islamic extreamists.. or did they?

The talk around the water cooler, is that this was all planned out weeks ago.. that comedy central should take the shot on the chin rather than offend Muslims.
But in the end Christians, Americans and Republicans were the ones truly shit upon.

Where are the riots in the streets?
I may have to go loot something on my way home.. just to show my Solidarity with my poor Muslim brothers.. nah...

You see in the end people who are animals not people will always look that way to the rest of the sane world.. (I am not saying for a minute that "Americans are better than anyone.. but I am saying that nearly EVERYONE is better than the animals that killed people and burned things, and destroyed property over a fucking cartoon.. )

I have lived through riots.. and I NEVER have had any sympathy for any of those who chose to riot.. I woudl go as far as to say, when riots are put down by police violence.. it is all good to me.

So rioters of the world, this is DeRex saying, once and for all .. kiss my ass, as soon as you riot, I quit caring about your cause.

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