Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another thing Blogger Needs!

Yesterday I wrote:Blogger needs a way to reverse the posts, so somone could read from the past to teh present, not the other way around.THis way those who may feel so inclined would have an easier way of writting a novel, or an insruction manual.. just a button that says "reverse order" that would be grand!If you know nyone at blogger, or ever have the oppertunity to pass on my suggestion.. please do.. wouldnet it be great to read somthing as it was written to see the story develop?Just thinking out loud.
Today I write:
Blogger needs a suggestion box.
I spent (not a lot of )time this morning looking for a way to email Blogger my suggestion of a "reverse order button" so people could read a blog the way it was written, front to back.

Damned if I can find a way to email blogger my suggestion.
I did find some good info on RSS feeds.. but that was not what i was looking for.

So blogger needs a "Reverse Order Button" so when I stumble into somones online novel, I can read it from the beginning rather than trying to figure out if their archiveing is complete adn hacking my way from bottom to top of each page. and they need a "suggestion box" email address on their index page.

So my little droogie woogs and malchicks, I say to thee.. email blogger if you can and tell them that we need a way to read from front to back, left to right,, and to and fro. and if you dare .. post their email address here so wdecan all take a stab at them real horror show like.

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