Thursday, November 10, 2005

Flag it, report objectionable content. (What does this mean)

Flag it, report objectionable content. (What does this mean)

I think I will go hunting for objectionable content. I may have a hard time finding it as there is not much, other than bigotry and closed mindedness that I find objectionable.

Has anyone ever been banned from blogger for objectionable content? I mean I did a search for boobies and found several some with pictures, and non that were “objectionable” some were kinda cute really.

Pu55y, same results. Mostly kitty cats.

“Dick” got me a lot or right wing propaganda.

(oops was I being objectionable there?)

It is hard to say what is offensive anymore, I suppose that it all a part of the social/moral blurring that started with women’s liberation.

I am sad that I am too old to see the day when women finally are equal to men in all ways, can you imagine how much fun an average man could have if women were really sexually equal in society? Of course immediately following that amount of freedom, god will throw a mountain down upon us and smite us really badly and in grand and terribly naughty ways.

I find blog spam objectionable, they should have a button for that.

I find language and images to be just that language and images if I don’t like what I see I “change the channel” this includes Fox news.
I wonder if I can report fox news as objectionable, fair and balanced.. hahahahaha!
I am not saying that news anywhere else is fair and balanced, but none of the others try to say that they are. Okay Fox has Alan Combs, but having one pronounced token lib on staff don’t make you balanced.

I am thinking as hard as I can think.. as it is still quite early.. and I can only think of one sort of material I find “objectionable” that is child exploitation, in any of its forms.

Alright enough random thinking for one day.. or one early morning.. thank god for my first amendment right to yell “fuck” in a crowded theater!

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