Thursday, November 10, 2005

losing "it" how I lost my virginity..

I have a "friend" here on blogger, that recently wrote his "losing it" story.
His story was kind of sweet realy.. I am almost ashamed of mine.. after reading his.. but not too ashamed to write it down and hope that a million people read it. (is that evil?)

My Loosing It Story:

I was young, in 7th or 8th grade ( that’s not young anymore, but it was then) there was this girl, Anita… she was a TOMBOY to the enth power.. and swore, smoked, and scratched her groin like a man..
One day, her and I were walking to class late, we had been outside smoking or drinking or something, when she said “hey you ever fuck a girl?” to which I said a timid.. “ahh no?”
She said, that she was playing in a basketball game the following night and asked if I wanted to hang out with her after the game.
Of course any port in a girl sounded better than spanking my monkey again to the Suzanne Somers issue of playboy again, so I said “sure.”

The next day, as school let out her and I stayed back, and all of the students went on their merry ways, to home or wherever they went.. she and I were in a back stairwell and as soon as the coast was clear, she turned and kissed me.. hard!

She said, follow me, and she took me to the upstairs girls bathroom, she poked her head in to make sure that the coast was clear.. then said come in here.. she striped my jeans from me deftly and then took hers off.. she laid on the floor legs spread apart, and said, “well?” inviting me to “f” her.. I climbed on top of her, and tried like hell to get “in” squirming and wiggling like a fool.. but not gaining access.. “This is a lot harder than I imagined it would be” I thought.. trying to act like I knew what I was doing.. she coaxed me “in” and inside of perhaps 30 seconds, it was all over..
“there you are a man now” she said, like she had just knighted me..

We then kicked around town together for a while.. holding hands and occasionally kissing.. later we went back to the school, she got ready for her game and I went to the stands to watch.. I have no idea what happened during the game, as I was all impressed with myself for “getting it”.

After the game we again hung around the school.. this time I was a little more comfortable with our bodies, so we had a go at it again.. and again.. and again.. we screwed all over the school that night.. on the basketball court.. in the girls locker-room, and even in the teacher’s lounge! She got me into every position we could think of.. we tried it all! On the couch in the teachers lounge was perhaps the best.

I remember that the janitor on duty that night whistled.. so we could hear him coming from across the big school building.. we would hide, he would pass and we would get back to the mission at hand.. it was GREAT!.

We did not see each other after that, which I thought was strange, but okay, we were still friends, and would hang out together on occasion.. but that was it.
Until about a year later, when we both had to serve a detention.. we got sent to this small office just outside of the principals office.. where we were to spend three hours.. the principal left to go do whatever high school principals do after hours.. her and I slipped into the bathroom that was adjacent the small detention room and had a go at it this time doggie style.. that was great too..

I wonder what ever happened to Anita? I wonder if she went dyke.. as she looked like she surely would. Or maybe she found some guy settled down and had a herd of kids? Either way I hope she is happy.. and I am glad that she was there to “teach” me. I often wonder how she became so experienced at such a young age, and I hope that however that happened that it did not leave any mental scars, she was a lot of fun and deep down a very kind person.

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