Monday, November 07, 2005

is blogger broke or am I?

today operating on little sleep as I am.. I may be at fault.. I seem to have dropped my sidebar.. if you scroll down to the bottom if this screne you will see my sidebar.. with all the yummy goodness that a sidebar has to offer..

Or alternatly you will read this, adn my sidebar will be just to the right as it is supposed to be, adn blogger will have been the broken party..
at this point I dont care to go try adn find out who is to blame for this latest blogger snafu.. maybe after 16 or 17 hours of sleep I will give a shit..
(I doubt it)

1 comment:

DelorumRex said...

okay I fixed it.. seems blogger did not want to seperate a hyperlink into two lines? After it already had? Strange.. but hey at least I fixed it.. I will now exit my body again, until further notice.