Friday, November 11, 2005

Has anyone else out there played Twister, naked?

Has anyone else out there played Twister, naked?

I had this one wild summer, between 11th and 12th grade. My friends and I were all pretty much sexual deviants, all of our girlfriends were deviants, and we could find fellow deviants everywhere.
One nigh sitting at a “girlfriends” house, with her two female cousins a sister, a female friend, and my best friend at the time, the female friend’s boyfriend, one of us (I really don’t remember which) said, Hey, let’s play twister!” We did a round or two all nice and normal.. then I opened my big mouth and said, this would be more fun if we were naked.” To which my friend added.. “and covered in baby oil.”

It took less than a minute to get everyone nude, and about another minute for everyone to cover the others with baby oil.

Twister is nearly impossible covered in baby oil.. but a lot more fun.

Sure it ended in a bit of an orgy, and being a straight male, when my friends package hit me it was a little creepy, but all-in-all, I would rate that experience as one of the best in my life!

Now if I could only find another set of perverts to play twister with.. I would even bring the baby oil.

PS. Baby oil does not mix well with chocolate syrup.. and if you happen to ingest baby oil.. the following day, you will regret it.. seems it lubricates from one end to the other.. I recommend against adding chocolate or any other flavoring when playing nude-oiled twister with friends.

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