Monday, November 07, 2005

Marriage Civil Union and the state vs. church (a common sense approach)

So I had a little time on my hands and went surfing the blogosphere.. I visited about 30 blogs and could not find one to randomly promote today.. so instead of my blatant promotion of a stranger’s blog, today you will get to hear some of my views on marriage.

I listen to people of influence (mostly right wingers) say that marriage is “a contract between a man and a woman, as describe in the bible”.
Well let me interject here..
Separation of church and state, if these persons of political power are indicating that marriage is a contract between man woman and god, well then they need to stay out of it, and marriage needs to be a matter of church record, not state records.

So what is Marriage, yes it is a ritual based in religion, that says man and woman are one, in that the man now owns the woman, and she better walk the line or man and then god will punish her ass.

So why is the state involved in marriage at all? Marriage is a contract with your god. (if you have one) what you sign onto when you sign your state marriage license is a contract of property. Or civil union.. just like forming a corporation.
So why can’t you civilly join with more than one person? Shouldn’t polygamy be okay in the eyes of the law? Maybe not in the eyes of God, but remember that whole church and state argument..

Okay separation of church and state, it does not say that no mention of religion can ever be used in a governmental matter, it does mean that the state cannot form a religion (see Church of England) but here is where it gets twisted, if the state says you can marry this person, not that person and only so many people at one time, we must ask why?
Well it is because “god” said so.. okay who’s god? Ahh the Judeo-Christian god? Well haven’t they then by this act established a “church”. And that is a no no.

So I say government needs to get out of the Marriage business and into the civil union business.. and then they can answer as to why one person may or may not join into a contractual agreement with another person, or group of persons of their choosing.. at that point it is just plain old bigotry. Can you imagine the state saying, you may not form a corporation with that person because they are gay, or black, or of the same gender as you, the walls would come crashing down with the shouts of derision in a matter of seconds.

Marriage is a holy contract, and as such government needs to stay the hell out of it. If your church says marry many or mary men and women, that is between you, your church and your god.

The government may or may not keep records of property contracts between two (or more) people , but that is where it should end.

Next question.

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