Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nude photos and more

Ever wonder how to get people's attention at blogger.. well not at Blogger the company (owned by google) but the ones that come to blogger and do a search.

I just read an article about a 19 year old woman in singapore that posted nude photos of herself to her blog and became a start overnight.. too bad I don;t look like a hot 19 year of Singaporian.. looks like i will have ot use brains and wit to achieve fame.. (I think I'm fucked)

So are you a 19 year old hottie? Do you have some nude photos? Let me post them here, I will share one half of my fame with you.. (does that look like I am begging to see some young naked women? jeez I hope not)

I once came across an auction online, that had the title of "buy my photos of my ex-wife, honeymoon shots" you know I had to watch it to see the outcome.. I feel so dirty.. NOT!

Seems that we all have our hidden fascination with sex, and all things sexual.. I find it curious that we can't all just jump out of the closet and yell.. "I am a sexual being" or is it just me?

Go Spock!


Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty sexual being. so, yeah i think it's curious. however, unless you want people that you find to be unattractive to be shouting that around you then the status quo is the best possible situation. talk about having to choose between a giant duche and a turd sandwich.

Anonymous said...

i think i'll take the turd sandwich...