Monday, December 05, 2005

Buy x-box 360 easy! "xbox 360" xbox

Go ahead put x-box 360 in the search box and see what pops up!
You can also try any popular search, try jewlery, Occupied Japan Glass and China, the wolrd is your oyster.. let ebay be your pearl. (I made that up.. I think they should pay me for it.. hehehe)

Look at the post below, click the ebay link, and try it.. try any item you are having a hard tiem finding, or that ou do not want to go out and fight the crowds for.
The key to being a succesful buyer on ebay is to pay attention the the numbers next to the sellers name, this will take you to their feedback. If they do not have a good amount of positive feedback, you are at risk, if however 100's of people have bought from that seller and none, or a very few have left negative feedback, you can feel pretty safe.

Also it is a good idea to pay using a credit card, credit card companies offer you additional protections, as will paypal.
Be safe and happy this holiday season.. shop online wisely.

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